Nrityalaya Dance Academy
About The Academy
Nrityalaya Dance Academy Profile
Nrityalaya instills in its students a love for dance, and allows aspiring
dancers to master the steps and techniques to become magnificent
  • Students of Nrityalaya achieve a sense of accomplishment
    and integrity, a joy, an energy, an awareness
  • Building bridges to other students of similar age
  • Projecting a better perspective of Indian art to the western
  • Using dance to help children get back to their roots
  • Students have their Arangetrams  (Debut Performance) after
    5 to 7 years of learning.
  • Providing a comprehensive arts education with an unique
    opportunity to learn a graceful dance of India, which started
    centuries ago.
  • Participating in numerous cultural programs through the
    calendar year.  Students of Nrityalaya perform and showcase
    their talents, and allow the community with opportunities to
    see quality performances in Bharatanatyam and
The curriculum impacts students’ lives by teaching them self-
discipline, dedication, self-respect and cognitive and social skills
attributes that they will use throughout their lives.  
Nrityalaya provides:
  • Training in classical Bharatanatyam in the Pandanalore style and
  • A course in Nattuvangam, conducting a program
  • An in-depth study of the theory of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi.